Passing it On

Released January 2017, Passing It On was recognized as one of the “Top Albums and Songs” for February and March 2017 by the DJ listserve FolkDJ-L.  On this their second release, All-She-Wrote added favorite covers to seven new original songs.  Listen to clips of the songs below before deciding whether to purchase a download of all the songs or just your favorites.  You can also purchase the actual cd for an additional shipping fee.

[purchase_link id=”248″ text=”Purchase/Download the CD” style=”button” color=”red”]

If you would like to purchase the physical CD, there is an additional $3 shipping and handling fee.

Purchase/Download your favorite cuts

[purchase_link id=”109″ style=”button” text=”Slippin’ Away”]
[purchase_link id=”115″ style=”button” text=”One and Many”]
[purchase_link id=”109″ style=”button” text=”Passing it On”]
[purchase_link id=”219″ style=”button” text=”Whoo Doo”]
[purchase_link id=”221″ style=”button” text=”Rock River”]
[purchase_link id=”223″ style=”button” text=”Second Hand Waltzing”]
[purchase_link id=”225″ style=”button” text=”Love is Something”]
[purchase_link id=”227″ style=”button” text=”The Kid”]
[purchase_link id=”229″ style=”button” text=”Grandpa”]
[purchase_link id=”231″ style=”button” text=”Once the Ice Caps Melt”]
[purchase_link id=”233″ style=”button” text=”If I Were Free”]
[purchase_link id=”235″ style=”button” text=”Polly Von”]
[purchase_link id=”237″ style=”button” text=”I Wish for Love”]