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Check out our radio friends - DJs who are playing our cd on the air; and thank them by listening and requesting your favorite all-She-wrote songs!   

(click on the link to visit their website)     indicates an internet webcast


alphabetical listing    -   updated  10/26/13

2Air FM 107.9: Jenny Flux's "Grassroots" from Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
2HHH 100.1: Jude & Mart Fowler's "Northside Folk" from Sydney, Australia

  2MCE 92.3: Bruce Cameron's "Come All Ye" from Bathurst, Australia

  4RED 99.7: Arthur Eliott's "Sidestream" from Brisbane, Australia

  5EBI 103.1: Henk de Weerd's "Good Morning Folk" from Adelaide, Australia

  783 Khz:  Eddie O'Strange's "Town & Country" from Wellington, New Zealand

  CFMU 93.3: Jim Marino's "Freewheeling Folk" from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  CJLX 92.3: Greg Schatzmann's "Sunday Coffee House" from Belleville, Ontario, Canada

  CJTR 91.3: Brenda & Roman Tacik's "Regina's Mighty Shores" Saskatchewon, Canada

  CKJS 810: Lyle Skinner's "Prairie Ceilidh" from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  CKPC 92.1: Jan Vanderhorst's "Just Us Folk" from Brantford, Ontario, Canada

  Clanrye Radio 103.6: Ben Sands' "Sunday Session" from Co. Down, N. Ireland

  CountryMusic24: Gerd Stassen's "Hillbilly Rockhouse" from Berlin, Germany

  Folk Image: Jeff Gill's web-cast from Shirley, Massachusetts ♪

  Jack and Jill Radio: Grant Porter's web-cast from Sunrise, Florida ♪

  KALW 91.7: Kevin Vance's "A Patchwork Quilt" from San Francisco, California

  KAOS 89.3: Jan Oswold's "Sister Sound" from Olympia, Washington 

  KCLC 89.1: Naomi Soule & Terry Moses' "Acoustic Edge" from St. Charles, Missouri

  KLCC 89.7: Frank Gosar's "Saturday Cafe" from Eugene, Oregon

  KOPN 89.5: Steve Jerrett's "Sunday Morning Coffeehouse" from Columbia, Missouri

  KPR: Robert McWilliams' "Trail Mix" on Kansas Public Radio

  KRFC 88.9:  Steve Brockway & Lenny Epstein's "TheFolk Show" Fort Collins, CO

  KUMD 103.3: John Ziegler's "Folk Migrations" from Duluth, Minnesota

  KUSU:  Blair Larson's "Fresh Folk" from Logan, Utah

  KVMR:  Ruby Slipper's "Click Your Heels" from Nevada City, California

  KZSC 88.1: Clytia Fuller's "Heaven's Bar & Grill" from Santa Cruz, California

  NCPR:  Mike Alzo's "The Folk Show" from Canton, New York

  On Line Folk Festival: Greg Grant's web-cast from Columbus, Ohio ♪

  Radio ISW Hansjoerg Malonek's "Folk and Country Corner" Waldkraiburg, Germany

  Radio ZUSA: Juergen Kraemer from Lueneburg, Germany

  WAMC 90.3: Wanda Fisher's "Hudson River Sampler" from Albany, New York

  WAPN 91.5:  Wanda Bricault's "Break the Bread with Wanda" in Daytona, Florida

  WAPS 91.3: Tom Ball's "Anything Goes" from Akron, Ohio

  WBCR 97.7:  Barbara & Graham Dean's "Common Sense Songs" Great Barrington, MA

  WBGU 88.1: David Sear's "Folk Music Show" from Bowling Green, Ohio

  WCVF 88.9: Tom Bingham's "General Eclectic" from Fredonia, New York

  WDBX 91.1: Randy Auxier's "Folk Fiasco" from Carbondale, Illinois

  WDCB 90.9: G.E. Brown's "Folk Festival" from Glen Ellyn, Illinois

  WFDU 89.1: Bill Hahn's "Traditions" from Teaneck, New Jersey

  Whole Wheat Radio: Jim & Esther's web-cast from Talkeetna, Alaska ♪

  WIUS 1570:  Thom's "Kitchen Party" from Bloomington, Indiana

  WJFF 90.5: Angela Page's "Folk Plus" from Monticello, New York

  WLUW 88.7:  John Wright's "Somebody Else's Troubles" from Chicago, Illinois

  WMNR 88.1 & 91.5:  Dick Hageman's "Good Folk" from Monroe, Connecticut

  WMUC: John McLaughlin's "Roots & Wings" from College Park, Maryland

  WPR:  Judy Rose's "Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio

  WRFG 89.3: Harlon Joye's "Fox's Minstrel Show" from Atlanta, Georgia

  WRKF 89.3: Taylor Caffery's "Hootenanny Power" from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  WRPI 91.5: Sonny Ochs' "Mostly Folk" from Troy, New York

  WSLU 89.5: Michael Alzo's "The Folk Show" from Canton, New York

  WSPN 91.1: Chris McGill's "Simpatico" from Saratoga, New York

  WTBQ: John Stein's "Hootenanny Cafe" from Florida, New York

  WVGN 107.3: Doug Dick from the Virgin Islands

  WVPE 88.1: Norm Mast's "The Back Porch" from Elkhart, Indiana

  WWPV 88.7: John Sheehey's "Folk Show" from Colchester, Vermont

  WPR:  Judy Rose's "Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio

  WXOU 88.3: Maggie Ferguson's "Old Front Porch" from Auburn Hills, Michigan

  WXXE: Dale Gowin's "After Midnight" webcast from Syracuse, New York

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