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"Clearly devoted to the acoustic resonance of real-life, these three are homegrown and rich in flavor. Their voices and arrangements are at once reminiscent of family and friends . . . originals!

Noel Paul Stookey, Peter Paul & Mary

"Love Is Something," found on the "All-She-Wrote" EP, "Double Feature," is an excellent composition and is worthy of greater exposure. Gloria Jean's vocals clearly ring out the enthusiasm portrayed by her lyrics. A four or five star (*****) song and performance!

Ken Swiatek, FolKenS.uch, WJJW 91.1 North Adams, MA

"All-She-Wrote was a pleasant surprise to many of us here at KUMD . . . good songs, nice arrangements, and Gloria Jean's burnished vocals have just the right touch of weariness to allow these tunes to wear well."

John Ziegler, KUMD, Duluth, Minnesota

"I had favorable impressions of Gloria Jean's first CD, *live, as well as Pounds & LaPlante's 1983 LP, Big Kids-Little Kids, so I was very interested in hearing the all-She-wrote self-titled CD.  After all, Pounds & LaPlante, at times, sound more like Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow of PP&M than Peter and Paul themselves, and having Dick Kniss on board couldn't hurt either.

All She Wrote, however, is not PP&M.  Some of the songs have a hook; others just hook you. While these days any CD with 3 or 4 good cuts usually makes my year's top ten list, I had a hard time discarding any of the tracks on All She Wrote.  Gloria Jean's vocals are clear, strong and confident, and at times, reminiscent of Karen Carpenter.  Laplante and Pounds continue their PP&M, sans Mary, sound (Survivor) and also provide fine instrumentation. Dick Kniss, well, is Dick Kniss.  Song For My Trash even got me thinking about Spanky & Our Gang.  Gloria Jean's songwriting is strong, both lyrically and musically, I haven't been able to single out favorites, yet. The CD is worth a listen, or two or three.  I think you'll agree."
Ken Swiatek, FolKenS.uch, WJJW 91.1 North Adams, MA

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