All She Wrote

All-She-Wrote 2004

Released October 2004, All-She-Wrote’s self titled debut cd was recognized as one of the “Top Albums and Songs” for November 2004 by the DJ listserve FolkDJ-L. It features all original songs by Gloria Jean (plus one by David LaPlante).  You can download any song, the whole album, or the actual cd, Listen to samples of each song below before making your purchase through PayPal. You can also purchase the actual cd and we will mail it to you.

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If you would like to purchase the physical CD, there is an additional $3 shipping and handling fee.

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[purchase_link id=”327″ style=”button” text=”Worry and the Wait”]
[purchase_link id=”300″ style=”button” text=”Applewood Fire”]
[purchase_link id=”318″ style=”button” text=”Survivor”]
[purchase_link id=”726″ text=”Every Single Touch” style=”button”]
[purchase_link id=”306″ style=”button” text=”Eye of the Storm”]
[purchase_link id=”321″ style=”button” text=”When the Work Gets Done”]
[purchase_link id=”723″ text=”Early Morning Fire” style=”button”]
[purchase_link id=”315″ style=”button” text=”Song for my Trash”]
[purchase_link id=”324″ style=”button” text=”Wish for Love”]
[purchase_link id=”303″ style=”button” text=”At Any Cost”]
[purchase_link id=”309″ style=”button” text=”Not So Far Away”]
[purchase_link id=”312″ style=”button” text=”One Year From Now”]