Big Kids, Little Kids

Big Kids, Little KidsRecorded at Noel Paul Stookey’s Neworld studio in South Blue Hill Maine from 1980-82 the 1983 album “Big Kids/ Little Kids” (originally on vinyl) was David LaPlante and Stephen Pounds’ first full length release.

Featuring songs by well known artists such as David Mallet and Steve Goodman, it also showcased lesser known writers such as Rhode Island’s Bill Thomas, Australian Peter Campbell and New Hampshire’s own David Colburn.

Songs featured include “The Garden Song”, “Isn’t She Lovely Now”, “Honor Your Partner”, “The Sailor” and “Whoo Doo” (later to be included in All-She-Wrote’s 2017 “Passing it On” CD).

Blues Singer Rory Block reviewed LaPlante and Pounds as “Even-keel voices with two entirely well-played guitars” and this is more than evident on their debut release where one can still hear the rich analog roots of this recording. This record has only gotten better over the years.

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