Radio Friends


to our Radio Friends
who keep our music alive
all over the world
by playing our music.



2AIR 152-FM:  Jennifer Flux’s show, Grassroots, from Coffs Harbour, Australia
783 KHZ AM:   Eddie O’Strange’s show, Town and Country, from Wellington, New Zealand
CFMU:  Jim Marino’s Freewheeling Spotlight Show from Ontario, Canada
CJLX 91 X-FM:  Greg Schatzmann’s show, Sunday Coffee House,from Ontario, Canada
CJTR:  Brenda Tacik’s show, Deeper Well, from Saskatchewan, Canada
CKOL:  John Sillberg’s show, Serendipity, from Ontario, Canada
CKPC:  Jan Vanderhorst’s show, Just Us Folk, from Ontario, Canada
CKUT:  Gerry Goodfriend’s show, Folk Directions, from Quebec, Canada
EVW: Gerd Stassen’s show, Hillbilly Rock House, from Lengerich, Germany
KDVS:  Bill Wagman’s The Saturday Morning Folk Show from Davis, California
KGLP:  Tom Funk’s Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show from Gallup, New Mexico
KRFC 88.9:  Steve Brockway’s Folk Show from Fort Collins, Colorado
KRNN:  Anne Fuller’s show, Friends & Neighbors, from Juneau, Alaska
KZMU:  Richard Howard’s show, Amarillo Highway, from Moab, Utah
KZYX:  Jeff Zolitor’s show, Roots and All, from Mendocino County, California
Radio Kidnappers:  Mitch and Robyn Park’s show, Folk on Sunday, from Hastings,  New Zealand
Radio ZUSA:  Juergen Kraemer’s show, Eine Kleine Weltmusik, from Lueneburg, Germany
Syndicated:  Jon Colcord’s show, Out of the Woods, from Concord, New Hampshire
Syndicated:  Jared Ingersol’s show, Wandering Minstrels,from California
The Point:  Todd Tyson’s show, Crossroads, from Montpelier, Vermont
Vox FM 106.9:  Denis McKay’s Illawarra Folk Club Show from Wollongong, Australia
WAMC:  Wanda Fischer’s show, Hudson River Sampler, from Albany, New York
WCOM 103.5:  Art Menius’ show, The Revolution Starts Now! from Carrboro, North Carolina
WERU FM 89.9:  Darwin Davidson & Caren Mulford’s show, Bronzewound, from East Orland, Maine
WFDU 89.1 FM:  Ron Olesko’s show, Traditions, from Teaneck, New Jersey
WFHB:  Carolyn VandeWiele’s show, Womanspace, from Bloomington, Indiana
WFMT 98.7:  Rich Warren’s syndicated show, Midnight Special, from Mahomet, Illinois
WGCS 91.1 FM:  Jim Fisher’s show, Down Home,from Goshen, Illinois
WGDR 91.1:  Mark Michaelis’ show, Acoustic Harmony, from Marshfield, Vermont
WHUS:  Susan Forbes Hansen’s show, Sunday Night Folk Festival, from Storrs, Connecticut
WIOX:  Sonny Ochs’ show, Folk Music and Other Stuff, from Middleburgh, New York
WIUP:  Jim Rogers’ show, FolkTime! from Indiana, Pennsylvania
WJCU:  Greg Priddy’s show, Roots & Branches, from Mentor, Ohio
WJFF:  Angela Page’s show, Folk Plus, from Swan Lake, New York
WMCB 107.9: Diane Crowe’s show, Music of the People, from Leverett, Massachusetts
WMSC: Joseph Pszonek’s show, Radio Nowhere, from Sparta, New Jersey
WOJB:  Mark Pedersen’s show, Folkways, from Barron,Wisconsin
WOMR:  Bob Weiser’s show, The Old Songs’ Home, from Orleans, Massachusetts
WRKF 89.3:  Taylor Caffery’s show, Hootenanny Power, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WRUR:  Ray Baumler’s show, A Variety of Folk, from Rochester, New York
WSLU 89.5:  Mike Alzo’s The Folk Show from Canton, New York
WSPN 91.1:  Chris McGill’s show, Simpatico, from Saratoga Springs, New York
WTBQ 1110 AM:  Jon Stein’s show, Hootenanny Café, from Warwick, New York
WTSR 91.3 FM:  Peter Kernast’s show, Legacy, from Ewing, New Jersey
WVUD:  Richard Gordon’s show, The Music Room, from Newark, Delaware
WXPI:  John Patterson’s show, The Song Parlor, from Burlington, Vermont